The importance of protecting and prioritising first party data

March 5, 2024

The pace of change in marketing and media has been relentless.

third party cookies are set to vanish with a new set of digital identity solutions to learn and navigate. Overwhelmed with so many options, business leaders are facing the challenge of prioritising tasks when everything appears to be a priority. First party data and its protection has become more urgent to address and understand and represents an opportunity for advertisers.

It is critical to establish the needs and potential benefits of data collection and use within the specific customer journey

A strategic evaluation should be undertaken to assess against key criteria, such as pinpointing where clients are at in the digital maturity journey, assessing the role of data connected audiences and its level of influence in outcomes, establishing the role (and associated costs and potential ROI) of owned data vs borrowed and bought (audiences and partnerships), as well as ascertaining the current/future martech technology engaged.

Leaders need to ensure total company wide alignment and adoption for successful integration. Working with your agency partner in tandem with publishers to help leaders and their marketing teams improve their understanding ad ability to interpret the data is critical. Data is one thing but it is the insights that are drawn from the data is what gives organisations the edge. Clearly defined objectives are what is critical to driving multiple platform success. This gives teams a clear direction to optimise the platform strengths and how that can assist with the business objectives coupled with giving the ability to test, refine and optimise.

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