our planning obsession

At PMG we are obsessed with planning, we believe it is the most important activity to ensure the greatest return on investment.

Closing the Planning Gap

We create and activate plans designed for growth ‘by closing the planning gap’ to disproportionately increase performance of campaigns. This gap exists within three key areas, data connectivity, legacy models and the siloing of digital and offline resources. Importantly this approach to closing the gap connects audiences from growth modelling, through to strategy, execution, optimisation and measurement.

PMG-Services-Audience-Led-Planning PMG-Services-Audience-Led-Planning

Open Source Tools & Technology

PMG has been established as an open source infrastructure designed to utilise the latest in planning tools, combined with the most capable and experienced team to design and execute integrated communications planning.

PMG-Services-Open-Source-Tools-&-Technology PMG-Services-Open-Source-Tools-&-Technology

Growth Hypothesis

Our starting point is to develop a growth hypothesis designed to achieve our client’s business goals. We believe in scenario planning as there is no one right answer. Scenario needs to be data lead, but it must include the input of collaboration with internal marketing and external marketing stakeholders.

PMG-Services-Growth-Hypothesis PMG-Services-Growth-Hypothesis

Audience Led Approach

We focus on customer led, audience derived strategic planning. Addressable audiences inform a test and learn framework designed to optimise planning and execution outcomes.

PMG-Services-Audience-Led-Planning-1 PMG-Services-Audience-Led-Planning-1

Plan Design

Media plans are designed to consider addressable and non-addressable audiences, with the growth of digital penetration across demographic and platform it is possible to achieve significant scale in addressable audience.

PMG-Services-Plan-Design PMG-Services-Plan-Design


Our experienced team ensure that creativity is a functional discipline within our approach to planning. We believe in scaling ideas that reflect our brands narrative, and leverages our publisher partnerships.

PMG-Services-Collaboration PMG-Services-Collaboration

No Silos

Along with PMG belief in integrated communication planning, is an integrated online and offline structure for campaign implementation. Providing search, social, programmatic, advertising operation and analytics from an integrated team along with television, radio, print and outdoor, PMG is structured to ensure the insights gained from digital audience interactions inform the entire plan.

PMG-Services-No-Silos PMG-Services-No-Silos

Trust & Transparency

PMG provide a transparent commercial structure. Combined with client only negotiations, we don’t do agency deals. We believe and value trusted relationships with our publisher partnerships. Trust and transparency are the key to competitive tension, competition methodology underpins our approach to sustained best in market price, value, and ideas.

PMG-Services-Trust&Transparency PMG-Services-Trust&Transparency